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One of Malaysia's Largest Annual ACG (Anime, Comics and Games) Event, bringing exciting concepts and content for all to enjoy! Organized by fans, for fans!

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  • 28 Jun 2017

    Greetings, Gakis! Our ticket sales have begun and we can't wait to see you all at AniManGaki 2017! Just a reminder that tickets b... read more Greetings, Gakis! Our ticket sales have begun and we can't wait to see you all at AniManGaki 2017! Just a reminder that tickets bought via Peatix are NOT actual tickets! (WHAT!?) "So then, why buy!?" is what you're probably thinking, but don't panic! Every Peatix ticket must be redeemed for our lovely, fashionable, and lovely designed "Official AniManGaki 2017 Tickets". Only these magical wristband tickets grant you entry to our magical halls (not the Peatix tickets)! Then why buy from Peatix then? Because its fast and convenient! 1. Buy our tickets from the comfort of your room Smart magicians know how to make use of modern technology. They search for our event on Peatix, they buy your ticket and voila! Their ticket is guaranteed! Its more reliable than waiting for a raven, owl or courier service to send it to them! And truthfully, I don't trust birds or strangers with things I've bought. 2. You can split your purchased tickets with friends There is a "Friend A", and "Friend B". They want to go to AMG2017 together. "Friend A" buys both their tickets together through Peatix. But they can't meet each other anytime soon, and only can see each other at the event. Even worse, they will arrive at different times! With Peatix, you can send your magical friend their ticket online! So both of you will have your own tickets, and redeem it at different times! (Because, lets be honest, none of us are morning people). PS: You can split your Early Bird tickets if you have bought more than one! You can't split Day 1 and 2 separately, you naughty warlocks! You can split your tickets via this link: 3. Everyone has a phone, but not a great memory Its the morning of Day 1 at AniManGaki 2017. You dressed up in your battle robes. You applied various frog liver and other ghastly, beautification ingredients on your face and body. You consumed energy potions and secured your broom transportation. You prayed for nothing to happen, and you arrived at AMG 2017! YES! But where's your ticket? Oops! Luckily, you remembered your phone! And because you are smarter than most magicians, you knew you'd forget! That's why you bought it via Peatix! So your ticket is safe with us, and its waiting for you at the event! Tickets can be redeemed at our Redemption Counter on Day 1 and 2 (19th and 20th August 2017). The counter will be open from 9.30AM onwards, on both days! (We can't open it any earlier, cause Kei-chan is busy putting the final incantations on the event) We hope to see you at AMG 2017, and if you have any other inquiries, send us a message on Peatix and we'll help you out (only if its related to Peatix tho. Please ask our Kei-chan at our Facebook Page for more info). - Kei-chan, the Majestic show less